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A city official told the Palm Beach Post: 'My understanding is that she had fight with someone early in the morning and she emptied the pill bottle in her mouth.'Her spokesman has denied the claim.

Failure to do so will be considered a refused job offer and they will not be employed by Tyson Foods.

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Now I know, and if you read the rest of this post, so will you.

Watching the preparation of fresh danggit for drying was somehow one of the great food highlights on our recent trip to Malapascua.

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I have enjoyed this delicacy probably hundreds of times in the last 40 years; but as with so many other pinoy favorites, I had never seen it made from scratch.

Besides wondering how they deboned the fish, I always wondered who in their right minds was (thankfully) responsible for the task of preparing these fish for appreciative diners like myself…

Without calling ahead, we drove over, hoping that we would get lucky and get there when they were processing fish (only 2-3 hours a day, depending on the catch), and that they would let us observe and take photographs.

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