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"If we break up before that — which I don't think will happen — I'm sure things will be amicable enough that I'll go through with the vacation. Worst-case scenario, I lose some money on the ticket."His temerity stunned me, but he's a lawyer, so he does make a ton more money than I do. When I asked him to go with me, we hadn't been dating long ourselves.

"She and I get along well, and I like her friends, too," he said.

Oftentimes I can justify my intentions as pure and honorable, yet when I am honest with myself (and with the Lord) I sometimes fall short.

I find some of my decisions are made from a more self-serving perspective rather than one of selflessness.

Does he treat hotel and restaurant staff with respect or does he have temper tantrums?

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The chips fall one of two ways: you return hating every fiber of their being; or you're convinced this is the person you're going to marry. Travel forms a bond between two people or drives them apart -- solidifying any on-the-fence feelings you might have.

His ability to take charge of the trip was totally romantic and made everything just click into place.Many would argue traveling with a love interest is something that should come much later on — once the couple is comfortable and in a stable place in the relationship. I'm not suggesting to go traveling with your significant other ASAP – we all know the infamous honeymoon period is nothing but fireworks.I'm simply advising not to cross “couple's holiday” off the list in a fresh relationship.If you’ve got a question about anything related to singleness, please This passage falls into a section of 1 Corinthians sometimes labeled, “The Believer’s Freedom.” I often hear it used to rationalize or refute one’s actions.Even though Paul spoke this to the Corinthians in regards to eating, this verse can also shed light upon the question of vacationing with an unmarried person of the opposite sex.I feel like I've been doing a lot of talking about my friends lately — but that's because their personal lives are more interesting than mine is … The latest friend-gossip I have is by way of a buddy who's been dating a girl for two or three months, tops — who just agreed to go with her on a ski trip in mid-January."Maniac! There were no plane tickets to buy, and no major expenses to pay for in advance. But I suppose you could argue that you have to take leaps of faith in any relationship — that if we all waited around to be sure we'd never break up with someone before planning ahead, we'd barely be going out to dinner, let alone to Colorado. Any rules of thumb, or basic advice, about when you should agree to a vacation with someone you recently started dating?

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