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If you are enrolled in a unit at the census date you will be liable for the fees and charges for that unit for the relevant study period, even if you intended to withdraw from the unit.It is not sufficient to advise the lecturer that you will no longer be attending classes.

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If you do not wish to remain enrolled in a unit and incur the financial liability for it, you must formally withdraw from enrolment in that unit.

All withdrawals after the unit census date will incur financial liability, however you may withdraw from a unit without academic penalty depending on the date of withdrawal.

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The period of daylight saving is prescribed by the ince April 2008, daylight saving has been synchronised across Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT and South Australia, although South Australia remains half an hour behind throughout the year due to the observance of Australian Central Standard Time.

Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory do not observe daylight saving.

Students are responsible for ensuring their enrolment record is accurate.

This means you must check you are enrolled in the correct units and finalise your enrolment by the census date that has been set for each unit.

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