Dating subjects to talk about

I could seem if you talked to someone often you'd run out of things to say.

Actually, the more you speak to someone the more specific and detailed you can get.

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Are you having trouble figuring out what to talk about with a girl?

Do you need some advice on having and keeping conversations with a girl that you like?

While statistics can be spun to make almost anything look good, I've tried to report just the basic facts.

The data has been gathered from such sources as blogs, online newspaper and magazine articles, company financial statements, company advertising information packages, the actual dating service website, and multiple website measurement services.

Without a doubt, it can be hard to start a conversation – especially with a girl that you’ve already taken a fancy.

But don’t worry – You see, young grasshopper – if you have trouble starting and keeping a conversation with girls and can therefore never make a girl like you, and you will be destined to live the life of a single hermit forever. Every aspiring seducer out there must learn this basic skill – not only for seduction, but also in order to get ahead of life.

For example, a story about a valuable painting found at Goodwill could spark a conversation about frugal shopping habits, the art world, or flea market shopping.

When you're first getting to know someone, chatting about positive things will put you at ease as you talk.

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In another article I give some advice on how to generally think of things to say.

Here's a guide to what's good for small talk and which subjects you might want to avoid.

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