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Hi all I have just joined this site as I'm in a new relationship with someone with a diagnosed cyclothymic bipolar guy who is medicated with lithium.

I'm sorry if this is too long but this is all very bizarre to me!

One of "me" isa kind loving compassionate outgoing good friend (id like to think) and the other is a self aggressive destructive monster! I live in a world where everyone is a cardboard cutout, a puppet, a means to an end, a fling to be discarded, a way to find connection, to plaster-over the lonelyness of my irreperable disconnection from mankind. Dropping stuff or doing stuff mindlessly (throwing out things I need but forgetting, blending orange rinds in my smoothie). that I'll die and my soul could become something better than I am right now. I was diagnosed as Bipolar considering my father was Bipolar and shot himself a few years ago.

It burns in the pits of my stomach and grabs hold of my heart and squeezes so hard that I feel every heartbeat throughout my whole body. This group is callled "I HAVE BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER." . I'll warn you in advance that this is a long post, but I think it might help some of you to feel less alone. One day, he told me he had been talking about our relationship problems with his female... Feeling numb and so ugly that I can't look at myself. I was just recently diagnosed with BPD after a third suicide attempt.

Then it explodes into this raging fireball that can't be contained. I am starting to realize that some people on this page shouldn't be here. It is where some of us who really need to get advice and release pain,to turn to for strength and support. I dated a guy named Shawn for about 5 months last year. I assuming your busy and will respond when your able, but my mind is starting to race. Episodes lasting hours or days of crying and screaming. I'd never say this out loud because I feel like people would think I'm seeking attention or...

Continued to accept myself/thoughts even the darkest ones and be mindful that for one more day BPD hasnt won It starts by over thinking. I'm sorry, you don't deserve to live with BPD I'm sorry, I don't deserve to live... It's in every moment of our day, our dreams and our thoughts.

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