how to understand men in dating - Dating someone autistic child

You wouldn’t try to beat cancer out of a child, so why suggest doing so to a child with an invisible condition?

Have you tried getting as far away from me as possible before I hit you over the head with the endless supplements I use to try and keep him healthy because he will currently only eat white pasta, pizza and chocolate?

Give it five minutes and he’ll be screaming the house down because his fringe touched the side of his face and frightened him. How he reacts today is no indication of how he will act tomorrow.

Today he’s perfectly capable of crossing that main road alone – tomorrow he might walk out in front of a lorry without a second thought. They have a built in capacity for logic that can overrule the most brilliant of tactical minds.

Individuals with a low level of functioning are commonly diagnosed with classic autism, childhood disintegrative disorder, or Rett's syndrome.

Those with severe autism may not be able to live independently as adults.

If the individual receives a higher score on the CARS assessment, he or she is diagnosed with severe autism.

Conversely, if the person with autism receives a lower score, he or she is diagnosed with high-functioning or mild autism.

My son can not only argue that black is sparkly white, he’ll reduce you to tears of uncertainty in the process.

People have actually said this to me and somehow they are still alive.

When considering ways to work with autistic children, keep in kind that every child is different.

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