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For 98 years, countless voyages of childhood fantasy have been launched with Radio Flyer toys.

Dating radio flyer wagon

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I know it not a tractor, but I'm pretty excited to get it done.

A while back, I picked up a late 60's/early 70's radio flyer wagon on CL that I am going to restore for my boy.

There is one small rust hole in one corner I have to fix, then a little body & paint work.

It is really in great condition considering it is 40 years old. Well, at least that I can see now, the acid dip will reveal everything. Need to find some new axle caps as one of them didn't make the tear down intact.

He is 16 months old now (time is flying by) and I thought I better get it done so he can fully enjoy it as he grows up.

The plan is to restore it to match my 1964.5 Mustang that I have.

I think it will make it special for him to have a wagon like his dad's car.


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