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Mark Dayton: Patients don’t know whether to get screened, and doctors often don’t know what to do when they find cancer.

Following 1,600 men with low-risk prostate cancer over 10 years, researchers in the Protect trial found no difference in death rates, regardless of whether men treated their cancers with surgery or radiation or left them alone — although untreated cancers were more likely to spread.

Rieder said the consensus is to intervene for prostate cancer patients with life expectancies of 10 years or more, but acknowledged the ambiguities.

Interested residents can call 337-721-4033 from a.m.

HARTFORD — A Mississippi-based charity known for its anti-gay boycotts is targeting state Comptroller Kevin Lembo with a deluge of calls and emails from out-of-state locations.

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To select a specific news category or department, click the down arrow next to the field.“Prostate cancer, by all means, is not black and white,” she said.In the case of the 70-year-old governor, Dayton opted for surgery that will take place March 2 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.They have been resilient, highly available, undefeatable, and thus necessary.When new monitoring technologies entered the market, many dealers viewed them with suspicion.But now, it’s getting harder to believe in that sacred analog phone line.

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