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John the Baptist was apparently part of King Francis' collection at Fontainebleu in 1542.In 1625 King Charles I received the painting from Louis XIII in return for a Titian Holy Family and Holbein's Portrait of Erasmus.(In my slow journey to the Church, I picked up a couple of well-meaning books written by former Evangelicals who exuded that very attitude.

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According to Zöllner, Leonardo's use of sfumato "conveys the religious content of the picture," and that "the gentle shadows imbue the subject's skin tones with a very soft, delicate appearance, almost androgynous in its effect, which has led to this portrayal being interpreted as an expression of Leonardo's homoerotic leanings." Barolsky adds that: "Describing Saint John emerging from darkness in almost shockingly immediate relation to the beholder, Leonardo magnifies the very ambiguity between spirit and flesh.

The grace of Leonardo's figure, which has a disturbingly erotic charge, nonetheless conveys a spiritual meaning to which Saint John refers when he speaks of the fullness of grace from God." St.

As for beliefs, our are very similar-but as for outward appearance they are not.

Check back in the future for more independent, fundamental, King James Bible Only Baptist preaching.

Next time you’re out of town and need to find a church to worship on Sunday. Click on a church for more information about denomination, website, phone number, and directions.

A Baptism of Repentance Mark 1:4-9 Lk 3:3- (Matthew 3:1-12) Herod, Herodias, Salome and the Head of John the Baptist Lk Lk 9:7-8 (Mark -16) Mk -29 (Matt.

After a spell in the possession of Cardinal Mazarin, in 1661 the piece once again returned to the King of France – Louis XIV.

Following the revolution the painting entered the collection at the Louvre where it remains to this day. John had traditionally been portrayed as a gaunt ascetic.

I am non-denominational, used to be baptist and my FI is apostolic pentecostal.


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