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The Pafos2017 programme is forward-looking, yet linked to the history of the city underlining its identity, its heritage and its cultural potential. That 2017 will be an exceptional year for Pafos, for Cyprus and all those who join in this great celebration.

Pafos2017 will be everywhere in Pafos creating an eclectic cultural narrative based on the themes of Myths & Religion, World Travellers and Stages of the Future.

Moreover, zircon composition is widely used to define the provenance in sedimentary analysis of sands and sandstones on the base of polycomponent classification and regression analysis (CART), which allows to make wide palaeotectonic reconstructions (Veevers et al., 2006).

One of the such reconstruction methods (Burke et al., 2003) is based on mapping of post-collisional zones of crustal extension marked by development of rocks belonging to alkaline complexes and carbonatites (ARC), which for their turn could be distinguished by composition of detrital zircons at area sampling (Veevers, 2007).

The Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (LCSR) was established in the Higher School of Economics, a National Research University, in November 2010 when professors Ronald Inglehart and Eduard Ponarin were awarded a mega-grant from the Russian government.

The focus of our research is on comparative studies of social change – the analysis of cross-sectional and longitudinal data based on World Values Survey (WVS) data.For more information about Pafos 2017 click here The development of the Paphos marina will have a positive multiplier effect on all other sectors of the local economy, according the Cyprus News Agency (CNA).Zircon crystallization in a wide range of temperature and physico-chemical conditions determines its wide distribution as an accessory mineral in magmatic and metamorphic rocks of different composition and origin and allows to use it as a reliable geochronometer for dating magmatic processes (Zircon, 2003).At the same time there is a huge seam of cultural heritage as myths and transmitted orally legends where described events concern to times much earlier than writing was born.Unfortunately, one of characteristic of those sources is their saturation both almost mystical events and characters which magic and supernatural abilities obviously not blend with modern scientific picture of the world.Paphos offers countless options of having an unforgettable experience.

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