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After selecting a profile picture that I felt accurately represented what I look like (I firmly believe it’s cheating to use a heavily-filtered selfie in situations like this), I moved on to the music part.And here is where I encountered my first problem with the app.

Musical preferences for each users will be programmed into Bumble’s algorithm, so that those with the same taste will show up first. For instance if you swipe right on a jazz fan, you will probably see another one right after Spotify now has 30 million paying users, making it themarket leader in music streaming, while Apple Music has reportedhaving 13 million paying subscribers since its launch last yearin over 100 countries. Not only will this give you a fuller picture about what type of person they might be, as your taste in music says a lot about who you are, you can also click on an artist and it will take you to their Spotify page.

And Spotify has no intention of slowing its pace of expansion, having said in March that it had raised $1 billion inconvertible debt from U. Its believed this partnerships came together during a conversation a year ago between Bumble and Spotify employees Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.

After doing so, open Bumble and go to "Profile Settings." Then, click the "Connect to Spotify" option, and you're good to go.

Bumble recently set itself apart from other dating apps, thanks to a very public response to a sexist male user.

The dating app has teamed up with Spotify to reveal a potential date's musical preferences before you swipe right.

Because it's impossible to "match" with someone who doesn't share your exact same taste in music, right? The new feature will roll out over the next few weeks.If you connect your Spotify account to your Bumble profile, potential matches will see your most listened-to artists; if they've also activated the feature, you'll see the same.One dating app is letting users screen potential suitors' listening habits before taking the leap to swipe right.Linking the two apps is a smart idea: You not only give potential matches a more visual look at your interests, but you also have a much better conversation starter than the dreaded, "Hey, how's your week going?" To check if you've got the update, go to the "Updates" tab in the App Store and look for an option to update Bumble.This debate has been difficult to resolve, in large part because very few people in the world today are not familiar with Western music.

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