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A seven-month-old baby boy is believed to have been abducted by his parents who pose a 'risk of harm' to him.

Daniel John Minton went missing with Daniel Minton, 28, and Tory Smith more than a month ago.

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Underglaze cobalt blue was discovered in about 1830, and began to be applied to Staffordshire figures.

Before this discovery, there were no colours that could stand the high temperatures of the glazing kilns.

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Officers believe they may now be in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, and have launched an urgent appeal to find them.

Mr Minton has previously been jailed for theft and indecent exposure and is understood to have substance and alcohol misuse issues.In 2009 the brand was bought by KPS Capital Partners of New York and became part of WWRD Holdings. Here is a small selection of singles that live in Minton.After 1865 cobalt blue was no longer in use; and overglaze enamel colours were used exclusively. By the1870's most figures were produced in white, and a less expensive form of gilding was introduced, which was painted on after firing which made it a much cheaper method of production.The gilding used is also a good guide to dating; the early form of gilding is called "best gold", a softly coloured gold, applied at the same time as the overglaze enamels; later gilding, "bright gold", is harsher and shinier. Flatback Staffordshire figures crowned their fireplace mantels; transferware dishes lined plate racks and sideboards in their large dining rooms.There is no conflict between science and the needs is a proper understanding how to merge science and the Bible.


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