Dating lithuanian girls

If you like the thin fashion modal type then you will love Lithuania.

However if your tastes run more to the Kim Kardashian look then you maybe a little disappointed so you should probably try dating buxom Armenian girls.

Lithuanian women, however, have extraordinary long hair.

The people's local language is Lithuanian, 1 of only 2 remaining Baltic languages today.

Most of the Lithuanian women and men are usually Catholics; others are Russian Orthodox, Lutherans, Evangelical Christian Baptists, Protestants, Jewish, Muslims.

Another nice feature of Lithuanian women is their hair.

It is a fairly common sight to see women with hair that reach down below their waist.

Every country has its own customs and practices and Lithuania is no exception.

So, if you don’t want to feel like a white crow (a Lithuanian saying), you must anticipate the things that cannot be found in travel guides.If you are planning to visit Lithuania or want to know more about this country, read this blog written by simple Lithuanian girl. Because I ignored tourists who tried to ask me something. A few times I was accused that I am a very unfriendly person.Lithuanians are generally the Baltic cultural group native to this nation, where by they amount to around more than 2 million men and women.The other million make up the Lithuanian diaspora, generally located in foreign territories such as the United States, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Russia, United Kingdom and Ireland.Lithuania Republic is a country found in Northern part of Europe.

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