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Although the dating app Tinder was initially met with concern from LDS officials, a growing number of Mormon couples have met through the app, prompting the creation of more dating apps tailored to the church’s young single adults.Mutual is a new dating app made especially for young single Mormons.

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When I told a friend recently that I would be presenting in NYC on Singles and Sexuality, she smiled and asked “Is there any overlap between those two topics? ” Of course, what is comical about her question is that it exposes the deep-seated desire among us, especially among those of us who are married, to pretend that the sexuality of Single Mormons does not exist, or shouldn’t exist, if one is good.

We are a faith that values marriage and family and sexual chastity very highly.

Your LDS dating profile should articulate clearly what is unique and admirable about you.

Your LDS online dating profile should communicate clearly what exactly makes you fun and interesting and worthy of a date.

Dates often occur in group settings, with the emphasis on exclusive relationships generally delayed until the early college years.

In this sense, Weber explains, the dating lives of Mormon young people are much like the majority culture.because there are too many generic LDS dating profiles out there. Or which active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints does not know it is true?An innumerable amount of single Mormons have in their online dating profile: ‘I love to eat.’ ‘I love to have fun.’ Or it’s reversed form: ‘I am fun loving ‘I have a testimony, I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true.’ ‘I would like to date someone who is kind and honest.’ These descriptions are so general that they could apply to pretty much any single Latter-Day Saint or one of God’s 7.5 billion children on this earth. Who wants to date someone who is mean and dishonest?It was one of the few times church leadership directly mentioned the app by name.But according to the Kings, attitudes have changed since then.Yet many LDS online dating profiles are full of these generic descriptions , that could apply to any single Mormon and that do not describe the real you!

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