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Thanks God I do not have noticeable hair on my face so I don't have to deal with it too much.

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I get random thicker hairs that pop up on my chin but only a few that no one notices and I pluck them at first notice. Of course, I do remove it: shave, wax, doesn't last long Excess body hair might be a sign of some kind of health problems, but I am too embarrassed to talk to somebody about that or visit a specialist.

I plan to get lazer hair removal when I have enough money because I have heard it's the best way to get rid of the hair permanently.

We spend time and money shaving off all of our hair without even thinking we have a choice.

We do it because society tells us we’re supposed to be hairless.Hairy legs are rare and unusual on a woman as they are generally expected to keep them shaved to gain acceptance and be attractive to men.Some guys want them hairy though and porn scenes explore that.I don't hate the hair, I hate the way that society makes me feel it's wrong. That's exactly what all these girls are doing and more power to you all!I hate the way people look at it as if it's disgusting. I hate the media for making anything aside from smooth seem wrong. " "'Hairy legs are sexy' – I think this statement is really problematic.But women are saying “eff that” and putting down the razors. Even though I like shaving my legs, I know it’s a personal choice. And check out these ladies who have long leg hair and don’t care: 1.

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