Dating game wav file

The size of the file depends on many things, including the sound type (mono or stereo) and the sampling frequency. Open it by either double-clicking the icon for the file or selecting the file and then pushing the "Enter" key on your keyboard.

Although most commonly used by the Windows Operating System, WAV files are compatible with Macintosh as well. The audio file will open with Windows Media Player.

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Look in the Help file for your edition of Windows Media Player for how to access the menu bar.

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Click "File" on the menu bar on the top of the player.

Depending on the edition of Windows Media Player that you have on installed on your computer, the menu bar may be hidden.

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Fortunately I had everything from my destroyed computer already backed up onto USB drives and CD-ROMs.

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If your computer is set to open that particular type of audio file with a program other than Windows Media Player, open your audio file by right-clicking on the icon. Find the menu option named "Open With" and hover your mouse over it.

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