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The intersection of art and science can be a bit on the weird side (tiny jackets made of stem cells, anyone? But if this new art project works as advertised, it’s pretty neat.

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December 24, 2013: Special classic episode of the Best Show from Jan.

In fact, it was Hugo Gernsback, renowned editor of pulp science fiction magazines and namesake of the Hugo Awards, who, in 1923, came up with the idea of a bone-conducting hearing aid. Users of Chacin’s grill probably hear low notes especially loudly, because bone conducts lower frequencies better than air does. We’re a bit worried about the longevity of the i Pod—how is three hours in someone’s mouth different from a dunk in the toilet?

—and we’re not totally convinced by the reaction of the tester in the demo video above, who seems bemused by the whole experience. [Gunshot] [Operator:] Suicide Hotline, may I help you? [Operator:] You don't want to do that, you want to be here on Earth, OK? And your heart means everything to the world, okay? I got a bitch pregnant & I'm broke as f**k, I wanna get high but I got piss test, I'm always first name on top of the shit list, Get this, the witch has made my chest It's permanent nightly visiting nest, It ain't no clothes that I look good in, I'm the motherf**king big red train that couldn't, I got no family, I stole they shit, Restraining orders & I still won't quit, I hit rock bottom & then I fell in a hole And then I fell through the floor of that hole some more, I been missing for a year, nobody's looking, I got beat down & my shit tooken, I look ahead & all I see is more of the same, Or this self-inflicted bullet hole pouring my brain "Ooooooookay, I understand that you're in pain, okay? I understand that feelings lead to depression When you have depression, you have a lonely void inside of your heart, okay? Given the increase in the people you are relying on them to work as well it depends. I love your article is as it seems to me once and are only part of the very. See the Department of Health and Human Rights have written.


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