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9 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW IF YOU WANT TO MAKE IT WORK. Actually, not so deep down we are very aware that the relationship without them can get a little far… (Yes…read it like you are singing the song) For a dog person, the only difference between a human family member and their dog is…..

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Dog lovers are well known for hugging, cuddling, and even kissing their pets.

If that is the type of love and affection your potential date gives her furry companion, imagine what’s in store for you?!

Therefore, as a dog lover and Casanova wannabe, I’ll help to make it work with this cool tips below.

some weird toilette habits (sorry for bringing that up, Auntie Jenny!

And the fact they prefer to sleep in our beds, with us, doesn’t change a thing.

Chances are you’ll eventually date a dog lover some day if you haven’t yet.

On their first date, her Chihuahua, Hubbell, stole the man's breakfast as they drove from New York City to Long Island.

They only had one more date.'Having a theme that is ...

Who wants to date someone that is fly by night, likes you one day, but is m.i.a. They’re likely to be willing to see the longer-term picture and not be as interested in the immediate satisfaction of something new.


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