Dating easier for men or women

They are ‘posers’ who talk a big game but cannot deliver. They know dumb girls will chase them and be disappointed later, but the smart girls know instantaneously that they’re not long-term material. Hang out at some of Dallas’ finest douchebaggery hot spots and you will see Peter in flight. Girls, Girls, Girls: There are LOTS of beautiful girls in Dallas.The rules of the game have shifted in favour of the women decisively so much so that some men have completely given up on dating, and instead finding succour in video games or apps like Secret and Tinder.

Alcohol should be introduced into the relationship slowly, but if a drink or two takes the edge off, and wine adds romance it's fine. But the one thing that should never happen is excessive application: too much, too many colors, or if it's just a botched attempt at a good makeup technique.

From a woman's perspective, I always thought that men have it easier in the dating world. But to be fair, I asked several guy friends to share their views on the advantages and disadvantages of being a man in the dating world. Men can date a wider range of women in terms of age.

So who has it easier in the dating world - men or women?

I recently posed this question on Videopinions, and I’m sure both sides could argue that it’s easier for the opposite sex for a multitude of reasons. There are also smart, wholesome, and successful girls in this town.

However, for serious relationships, women cannot usually date significantly younger they are still "boys." They tend to be less mature, in a different stage of life, not financially stable, or not ready to get married and have children.

Although younger women may share some of these characteristics, women are typically more mature or ready to marry and have children.

Only knowing what dating is like from a woman’s standpoint, I have to say that it’s easier for men. Cash Mc Mogulson Syndrome: This fictitious character, originally created by Katherine Harper, truly fits the stereotype of the majority of Dallas men I know (and some I’ve dated) that could possibly be THE Cash Mc Mogulson. They love to hang out at the see and be seen hot spots in Dallas, especially cheesy clubs where they can show off how cool they are because their name is on some VIP list. Congratulations, some door guy in Dallas knows your name. So many men in Dallas suffer from the Cash Mc Mogulson syndrome that the good girls intimidate them.

Dallas guys seem to be the most pretentious, arrogant, self-centered, and materialistic men I’ve ever met. When Cash and Peter date these triple treats (such as myself) they figure out pretty quickly that she’s too smart to put up with their BS.

It is more socially acceptable if men date women who are significantly younger or older than them.

It may even be considered a compliment if an older man is dating a much younger woman because it will give the sense that he is still attractive (he has still got "it").

This may explain why we are so clueless at what we are doing in bed, but we act like we know. It's nice to hear nothing but your lover's breath against the backdrop of the evening or early morning.

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