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With eloquence and wit, Wayne Hoffman explores the unlikely camaraderie between a young Jewish man and an Orthodox rabbi, in this rich, insightful novel about love, honesty, faith, and belonging.In Yiddish, there is a word for it: bashert—the person you are fated to meet.

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(*knocks on wood*, life is unpredictable of course.) I reviewed the book through the first 15 dates or so. Granted I've labeled myself amongst the "dating impaired" for awhile before I picked up this book.

I decided to review this book about 6 months after I've been through it and see where my life is. I'm not sure whether it is the content of this book Or just my life in general. This is an eye opener regarding any relationship you will have or should not have.

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But the elderly rabbi who stumbles into Benji's office one day has no such doubts.

Jacob Zuckerman's late wife, Sophie, was his bashert.

I am new to real estate investing but not new to real estate.

This book is layed out (like the rest of the Dummies books) in a very easy to follow format.

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