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Despite a complete absence of finds, Williams offered a 15th to 16th century AD date for the crannog based on two bronze tripod cooking pots which had been recovered from the loch in the 19th century.

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However, in 1989 a vertical birch pile off the northern side of the site was sampled for radiocarbon dating and provided evidence of Iron Age activity at the site (GU-2463, 2260 ± 50 BP, calibrating at 400-200 BC; GU 2644 2240 ± 60 BP, calibrating at 410-160 BC).

Loch Arthur was examined as part of the current South West Crannog Survey (Henderson et al. Diving on the site revealed that the majority of the structure of this crannog lies underwater as the island visible from the shore appeared to sit on a much larger fully submerged structure.

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But do not fret if you are not successful this time round, Dumfries Singles Events will be hosting more events in the future.Radiocarbon dates obtained during the excavation suggest that the main packwerk mound at Loch Arthur was constructed in one event at some point during the 4th to 3rd centuries BC.After a period of abandonment, represented by the deposition of natural loch silts, a boulder capping was placed on the original packwerk mound sometime in or after the 15th century AD.By joining any of these dating sites you can easily know who, man or woman, is online with whom you can contact to fix your date.Local members of these websites can find a number of men and women waiting for you for this very purpose.The crannog in Loch Arthur appears above water as a tree covered island, some 30 metres in diameter, which is connected to the shore by a muddy reed bed (Figure 1).


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