Dating domestic model 151 sewing machine

In 1863 the Company was reformed as the Singer Manufacturing Company.

However it wasn't until 1857 that their first true domestic machine - the Family machine (Turtle Back) was introduced but this wasn't particularly sucessful and in 1859 the Letter A was introduced, this machine was manufactured until 1865.

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The above sewing machine is a White Rotary Electric Sewing Machine, Series 77.

It is a representation of the Rotary style sewing machine popular in the 1940's.

The floor area was nearly one million square feet and seven thousand workers were employed producing on average 13,000 machines a week, it was the largest sewing machine factory in the World, finally closing in 1980.

SPARES: We have limited spares for SOME of the Singer models shown below including slide plates, shuttles and bobbins.

Most parts, attachments and manuals are no longer available as after market.

If you have and find you no longer have a need for this type of machine, PLEASE do not throw it in the land fill.Made in 1874 at Singers Scottish Bridgeton Factory, this machine has the Scoll and Roses Decal which has some minor chipping in places. Dave found it on a very bitter December day at a local antique fair and just had to bring it home. This machine came as a chance find at a junk shop and was the machine that really started us collecting! The original head for this treadle had very worn decals, luckily we were given this one which had the same sphinx decals as the original and so combined the two.The slide-plate has a circular hole in the end to assist opening and 11 Patent dates are listed starting from Sept 10 1846 which was the famous Elias Howe Patent, through 1849, 1850, 1851, 1854 upto Oct 8 1855. It is worn in the usual places and the jappanning is chipped in places. It is in beautiful condition, with hardly any wear to the decals and only minor chipping to the front edge. Rather than the usual bentwood case it slides into a panelled box case with a hinged door. The Case of this machine is shown on the Cases & Bases Page New Family (Model 12) Serial No. Dating to 1890, this machine has the wonderful 'Peacock Tail' decals which are in very good condition. The head dates to 1900 and the five drawer treadle base with plain cross brace dates to 1895. J476338 Introduced in 1879, early versions of the Model 15 had a fiddle bed, in 1895 a mechanically and cosmetically improved version was introduced. Dated July-December 1918, when we bought this machine the case was locked so we were pleased to find the Lotus decals in perfect condition and the metal work still bright.We will be happy to reimburse shipping charges for you to send it to us.The following items are offered as used or refurbished and manuals are reprints.One of the more distinguishing features of these models was the friction drive system and the rotary hook as compared to many oscillator type machines.


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