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We know that it is about boys and girls (or men and women) meeting regularly in sort of semi-formal occasions (often in restaurants), with the idea of possibly becoming a pair. This may seem like a joke, but it is indeed serious.Dating in itself is a very personal and sophisticated matter. According to Lynne P., an American living in Germany, ” …At the same time, it is not unusual for a woman - in some subtle and not so subtle ways - to indicate her interest in being asked.

For instance, dating protocol in Germany remains more traditional than that of in the States, where it is not unusual -especially in larger cities centers - for a woman to ask a man for a date.

However, in Germany (and Europe in general) a man is expected to ask a woman out.

"A wedding party gathers after the civil ceremony at the Berlin-Kpenick city hall.

In order for a marriage to be legal, a civil ceremony is required in all the German-speaking countries.

Even though I’d already known that relationships in Germany tend to last longer, I was still slightly shocked when she told me.

I found it odd that a couple could be together that long without eventually committing to be together for life.

Love and dating are both found all over the world, but ideas about them aren’t always the same.

During the past six months in Germany, I’ve learned that there are some differences between the mindset of couples and dating in the United States and the mindset in Germany.

However, my teacher’s claim was later given real-life substance when the topic of couples and dating came up with my tandem partner.

My tandem partner is a girl I meet up and chat with each week, so that I can practice speaking German and she can practice her English.

On one such occasion, we were discussing relationships.


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