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Materials can provide a similarly solid framework for dating.You won't see a stamped setting or chain segment older than around 1835, when the process was introduced, or cultured pearls older than 1912, when they were developed, and you'll see the little dots of black pitch by which paste stones were mounted, if you're looking at a rhinestone-type piece from the 18th century.Costume jewelry is usually defined as beginning in the 1930s, although this is a bit misleading.

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The first issue that needs to be addressed is the difference between antique and costume jewelry.

Most scholars tend to define the word "antique" as something a certain number of years old.

The pieces were black and made of various types of materials: gutta percha, vulcanite, bog oak, ebonite and black glass.

Jewelry took the form of chatelaines, hair ornaments, lockets, pierced earrings, watch chains with fobs and seals, cameos, book chain style necklaces, hatpins, lavalieres, lace and lingerie pins, bangles, cufflinks and stud buttons.

Periodic issues are progressively enhanced, in what will evolve as a dynamically developing system, made available online and as web-services.

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