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I’m going to be starting a new job several states away, and I’m wondering if I should try to continue to date my girlfriend? I know couples that met online, never lived in the same state, and ended up happily married with kids.

There is no “right” or “wrong” decision when considering a long-distance relationship.

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I hope you are able to search your heart for your true feelings as you explore some of these questions, and you are able to discuss them opening and honestly as a couple.

If so, you are off to a great start making any type of relationship work!

Then there are marriages that must deal with distance due to job or school changes that crumble after just a few months apart.

There are many things to take into consideration when thinking about dating long distance.

Communication is also crucial for a poly relationship.

If something feels wrong, we are encouraged to honestly approach our partners and discuss it."In a gay or a lesbian relationship, these two people have had to face some inherent hardships — the prejudice that they both face — and they face it together, so they've learned how to deal with hardships," : The sad truth is communication isn't always the go-to for couples.For heterosexual couples, the default activity in any sexual interaction is vaginal intercourse, which arguably contributes to the so-called by E.Sandra Byers in 2011 found rates of sexual self-disclosure are incredibly low between couples."The average adult knows only about a fourth of the things his or her partner finds sexually distasteful," That ongoing communication is key because our preferences are mutable.Dating long-distance can have a “honeymoon” effect, where absence really does make the heart grow fonder. During your visits together, don’t avoid subjects just to avoid disagreements.


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