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In 2016 he was arrested again for pushing another victim.The first chart shows the year in which regular domestic Columbia masters were first recorded (high-numbered takes may have been made later).In 2005 he was arrested for shoving a woman, which caused her to fall and hit her head.

Also, many of the items are sold on e Bay (check here - and also on the international e Bid websites, priced in the currency of that site (UK, American, Canadian, European currency, etc.) - UK e Bid links are shown where applicable.

Apart from the two Directory volumes, all catalogues include month & date of issue in addition to full artist and title details, also in many catalogues the labels of origin if licensed from elsewhere (which usually means from USA labels); many catalogues feature a comprehensive label history and other detailed information of interest to the record collector or researcher. The definitive guide to this legendary label, includes label history, label changes & photos, and many more interesting facts.

The highest 10” identified here is W152772, made in 1934 (the “W” stands for the Western Electric recording process). 10” recording during the 1930s, relying on imported masters bearing foreign matrix numbers.

After that Columbia converted to prefixed matrix numbers, in this case the CO-15,500s. The second and third charts show the years in which specific catalog numbers were released.

The covers are sorted by labels (USA) or by countries (Europe). Some of them should be found in our store, others hopefully will coming up for sale again in the future!

You´ll also find some notes about labels, designers, photograpers, and the music itself in a historical perspec-tive. We also would like to recommend a feature called "Klassiska skivomslag" (Classic album covers) which is running as a series on the Swedish web magazine Digjazz is run by the writer and acclaimed jazz photographer Gunnar Holmberg.

We have now opened our archives to show the images of the rare and beautiful albums we have offered over the years.

It is intended as a tribute to the labels and to the artists, designers and photographers, who created the album covers.

New covers are added continuosly, along with comments (in Swedish).

COLUMBIA pioneered in many fields of the recording business. In 1939 the company employed Alex Steinweiss as art director. Columbia is the oldest surviving trademark in the record business, dating back to 1880s.

We are in possession of the official, complete UK London singles master files (which numerically list all issued and unissued material in the MSC / MS- series), and other official Decca company files, like the Brunswick and the Vogue / Vocalion label files. As a bonus includes 7000 Export label, plus FELSTED AF 100 Singles series, 1958-1960. Supplied with separate Artist Index - click here for more information Complete 45 rpm Singles Catalogue (78 rpm issues are noted), late 1953 to 1983 (F 10200 to 13924, end of series), and including every track matrix number.


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