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(We hope we are making all of our past English teachers proud with this extended Taylor Swift dating-rumors-as-rain metaphor.)There had been some speculation over the past few weeks that Swift might be romantically entangled, as it were, with Scottish D. And this comes on the tails of the reports last month that the pair were “chatting closely” at the Universal BRITs after-party in London. These were apparently taken in Nashville, posted to Twitter Wednesday.

Now, there is absolutely no way of knowing with any certainty, obviously, what is going on here, between them, but we have some thoughts and questions .

I have a lot of experience when it comes to dating a widowed Man. Most of us have loved someone before we met the person we married.

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One possible explanation is the colour’s historic association with passion and romance (see: Valentine’s Day).

I wrote about eight easy ways to identify your garment as vintage, which helped you to recognize whether that great maxi dress you thrifted was actually from the ’70s or was just a 2012 lookalike.

Women can tell a lot about you by the shoes you wear.

Regardless if our thoughts aren't completely accurate depictions of who you are, this is how we're sizing you up.

I love him dearly and would love to spend the rest of my life with him, but not sure if I can take not being the true love in his life. His response to something like that might tell you whether he really is emotionally ready to make another lasting commitment.

Similarly, he should not hide you from his in-laws, or from anyone else in his life, if he is really serious about having a future with you, and you should address that with him.Speaking of thrifting, I’ve also shared clues on how to identify vintage clothing labels in a thrift store and I’ve explained 11 ways to know a piece is vintage by its labels and tags and how the ILGWU union label can help you to date a garment’s era, too.Today’s post is different than the rest because it teaches you five easy ways to identify a garment’s most probable era based on construction details like buttons, zippers, seams, sleeves and lining.But if a trout could operate a twelve-speed, chances are they’d take it for the occasional joyride.With that lighthearted approach to online dating (and dating in general), we're offering up some fail-safe tips to help make your profile photo stand out from the pack.The Hundreds has grown from a blog to a big fashion/lifestyle company in just a few years and is now one of the biggest players on the street wear scene!

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