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The branches of architecture are civil, sacred, naval, military, Neolithic architecture is the architecture of the Neolithic period.

An integral part of the emerging cultural hub of a city with a tradition of architectural experimentation, SCI-Arc is devoted to finding radically new responses to the real needs and aspirations of today's world.

We offer students a unique experience as they pursue their degrees.

There are more than 1,500 known rock cut structures in India.

Many of these structures contain artwork of global importance, and most are adorned with exquisite stone carvings.

There are early Neolithic cultures in Southeast Anatolia, Syria and Iraq by 8000 BC, and food-producing societies first appear in southeast Europe by 7000 BC, and Central Europe by c.

5500 BC (of which the earliest cultural complexes include the Starčevo-Koros (Cris), Linearbandkeramic, and Vinča).

In Europe, long houses built from wattle and daub were constructed. These tombs are particularly numerous in Ireland, where there are many thousands still in existence.

The Norte Chico region on the coast of Peru north of Lima consists of four adjacent river valleys—Huaura, Supe, Pativilca and Fortaleza—in which archaeologists have been aware of a number of apparently early sites for more than 40 years (refs 1– 3).

Our approximately 500 students and 80 faculty members—most of the latter practicing architects—work together in a fluid, non-hierarchical manner to re-think assumptions, create, explore and test the limits of architecture.


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