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We are a society/club dating back to 1898 that offers university students in the North West of England the opportunity to develop their leadership potential through the medium of military and adventurous training.At Manchester and Salford University Officer Training Corps we assess, select and train 140 students each year with the aim of developing their confidence, communication skills and leadership ability.With increasing numbers of students attending university, there is growing pressure to gain a highly valued degree in order to compete in the graduate marketplace.

These divisions and all other Organized Reserve Corps units were to be maintained in one of three strength categories, labeled Class A, Class B, and Class C.

Learn more CID Special Agents must have high moral standards and the utmost integrity.

The military syllabus should be viewed as the vehicle within which we develop an individual’s leadership – it is a means to an end, we are not seeking trained soldiers/officers.

We work within the Army’s values and standards and are under the tutelage of the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst (a global leadership brand).

A German army officer has been arrested for plotting a terror attack which he planned to pin on refugees.

The lieutenant, 28, was arrested on suspicion of disguising himself as a Syrian migrant to commit a 'serious act of violence with xenophobic motives.'Some 16 addresses were raided in the German states of Hesse and Bavaria and in neighbouring Austria and France on Wednesday.The soldier registered as a Syrian refugee in Giessen in December 2015 and applied for asylum at the beginning of 2016.Authorities awarded him asylum - despite his background and his total inability to speak Arabic.We will have stands often outside the Freshers’ Fair events (they do get crowded inside!) manned by current members of the Officer Training Corps who will answer all your questions. Come to the unit locations for a familiarisation visit.Recognizing the importance of the Organized Reserve to the World War II effort, Congress authorized retirement and drill pay for the first time in 1948.

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