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Rich and famous people often have very different hobbies than the rest of us: collecting luxury cars, jetting the globe in private planes, dating other rich and famous people.

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Dating is hard enough as it is, and I find that I'm only interested in dating a "climber."I'd hate to put a ceiling on possibility by having specific criteria but with most of my bandwidth focused on climbing, gear, trips, the prospect of jumping etc.

But Jared Leto is just like us — if we were world-class rock climbers, that is.

In recent years, the actor and rocker has expanded his repertoire to include scaling some of the most impressive natural formations on earth, and he doesn’t seem inclined to stop anytime soon.

First few years, it was not unusual for a normal person to have a fashion sense that you can see everyone.

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I see strong women rock climbers hooking up with male rock climbers all the time, so obviously some men find a strong female rock climber attractive.

Or maybe they find me attractive but the relationship is a disaster because of the opposing expectations?

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