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Me and him share a really special connection, and are frustrated that us being together may not be "socially acceptable"... If you two want to be together and in love, then go for it!!I'm really falling for him, and I'm so lost on what I should do from here on out...

dating a man twice my age-51

He is way older then you and with such a big gap it may cause problems down the road. Make sure that he does as well because in his middle age he may want the freedom to play or travel without having to tow small children along.

I dated a much older man in the past and quickly learned that I should keep to an age limit of 9 or 10 years so that we might still have something in common to share.

No he was not my first sexual partner, he was my 4th.

We have a much deeper relationship beyond sex, and I expressed my concerns to him and right now we are not sleeping together... No he was not my first sexual partner, he was my 4th. I hope people who are happy together who are 21 and 67.

Through putting time into understanding each other's unique ways of operating, we are kinder, more patient and more accepting. It's hard, but it has certainly taught me a thing or two about repacking neatly.3.

He still shuts down with conversations that threaten him but each time he gets better at coming back to the topic and I try to keep my frustrations in check in appreciation of that.2. And I can't blame him for being 23 and inexperienced. Biological clock I wasn't even sure if I wanted kids but suddenly, at 37, I was deafened by that tick tock.

My biggest issue was that he'd never even heard of (let alone seen) . I mean, as I'd been tapping away on my word processor, finishing my Uni thesis on female empowerment, he was busy trying to keep his Tamagotchi alive. Therapists would certainly be out of a job if we were all nailing relationship communication, regardless of age. I've had many long-term relationships, grasp the importance of separating colored from whites and, importantly, know women don't like being called "bro." We were and still are at opposite ends of the experience scale.

But I've found a lack of life experience with the younger guy means there's a genuine inability to express and communicate productively. Our communication style went from shouting to silence to me being condescending about his inability to function in the world like a normal adult. It's still a work in progress but time and perseverance is the key.

Being in a relationship that has a huge age gap is constant work.

I never thought I'd say this but I met the love of my life on a Tinder date. It was with a rather shy, spectacled guy with a man bun, gazing at me over his VB. As I waited patiently for my dropkick date to finish chatting up every female in the vicinity, this new player in the game of my affections had sneaked in and asked me out.

I know many smoking-hot middle-aged people who are emotional teenagers.


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