Dating a guy who plays guitar profiles for online dating what to say

or someone who played the acoustic guitar in a band and brought it to friends houses and gatherings ect. That was pretty much just saying what you can do with each guitar, but what do girls prefer a guy to play usually?what i kinda mean is would be more attracted to a guy who was playing the electric or the acoustic?would you prefer a guy who played the electric guitar in a band and jammed at his house.

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Having a skill is indeed one of the fundamental rules of attraction. It'll make even the fussiest and most demanding of babes listen to you: the moment you mention that you know how to play the guitar, they're all ears! This, for me, is one of the biggest benefits (the BIGGEST is next! Think about the value of a guitar: when you play it, you become the center of attention. Girls love guys who play the guitar because it's really sexy--for every guy!

, a fascinating and entertaining movie, even breaks down how to get women into three simple rules, one of which is "be awesome in her presence." It includes doing something most guys can't do, that makes you unique, and that makes you talented. Let's look at some of the many benefits of knowing how to play the guitar in front of women. As I said above, just being able to play a guitar, even if you're not so good, means you have talent. Never forget the importance of female validation: if her friend's approve of you, SHE approves of you. If you're desperate for a topic of conversation, this one is can't miss. You don't have to talk, people just listen to the music. Doesn't matter how you look, how short or tall you are, how much money you have. Seriously, he looks like a human pig--and smells like one, too!

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Well, here are six not-so-scientific facts that dating a guitar player is a good idea. Learning to play guitar takes dedication and commitment. Guitar players are extremely close to one brand of guitar. You need a guy who can come up with creative dates!

You need a guy who is dedicated and committed to you. Guitar players tend to have their focus on perfection. He will understand your level of commitment to your lip balm.

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