Dating a guy two years younger than you

So this guy and I have been talking but sometimes I get the vibe that he likes me.

The problem is that he is two years younger than me.

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He is 16 (birthday coming up Sept of 2k15) and I'm turning 19 this August.

I've graduated last month and he is going to be a Junior ( I thought he was a senior but found out the truth today which made me ask this question bc I have developed feelings for him) he is very mature for his age and before I knew his age he looks 18 and thinks like a mature smart person.

Mike reached across the table to examine mine."You were born in 1966? That's so weird."The word rattled around in my head, even after he changed the subject to his upcoming marathon training. The banter that had come so easily seemed stilted in the bar. I said yes, but as soon as I got to the meet-up spot, I wanted to drive away. It wasn't what they were wearing—I was wearing an athletic tank top and hiking pants, same as the other women—but they all seemed so carefree.

I didn't know them personally, but I was pretty sure none of them had been divorced—which I had by time I was their age.

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However cool it makes you is exactly how lame it makes him.

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