Dating 19th century photographs of men when ex starts dating someone else

There look to be thousands of hits in the newspaper archive.Thanks @Fortiter - I had not thought to try Trove but have since tried to look at the photo numbers which is proving very hard to do.The seemingly automatic recording of an image by photography has given the process a sense of authenticity shared by no other picture-making technique.

The essential elements of the image are usually established immediately at the time of exposure.

This characteristic is unique to photography and sets it apart from other ways of picture making.

This includes more than 200 of his images some showing the back of the card.

If any are similarly numbered, you may be able to narrow down the date of your mystery woman.

This understanding of photography’s supposed objectivity has dominated evaluations of its role in the arts.

In the early part of its history, photography was sometimes belittled as a mechanical .

Consequently, I have submitted a question to the State Library of Victoria to see whether they have some sort of index to photo numbers used by Townsend Duryea at different times.

State Library Victoria response was "Unfortunately I think it is extremely rare for photographers stock books to still exist, especially if the studio was destroyed by fire in the 1870s.

In order to understand them, one must first understand the characteristics of the process itself.

One of the most important characteristics is immediacy. Upon exposure to the light forming the image, the sensitive material undergoes changes in its structure, a latent (but reversed) image usually called a negative is formed, and the image becomes visible by development and permanent by fixing with sodium thiosulfate, called “hypo.” With modern materials, the processing may take place immediately or may be delayed for weeks or months.

In truth, however, photography is not the automatic process that is implied by the use of a camera.

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