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Proving that life lessons are the best teacher, Ariely opened with a simple exercise to demonstrate the power of assortative mating.Helpers fanned out and placed a sticky on the head of each participant.And that different website allowed people to experience other people without all of these attributes.

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And this breaking into attributes turns out not to be very informative.

So on the last stage of this process, we created a different Web site.

Could social science provide the clues to finding true love?

The “Science of Seduction” write-up was full of tantalizing promises, stating that Ariely would answer such burning questions as: “Do opposites attract?

Online dating is "an incredibly unsatisfying experience," says Duke behavioral economics professor Dan Ariely, the author of "Predictably Irrational." In fact, his research has found that each date you set up using online services requires an average of six hours of searching for people and emailing with them.

"I mean, imagine that you basically had to drive six hours, three hours each way to have coffee with somebody, and, you know, coffee usually ends up with just coffee." Part of the problem, according to Ariely, is the search criteria that dating sites use.

Googler Logan Ury talks to behavioral economist and Predictably Irrational author Dan Ariely in the second of our Modern Romance talks.

They discuss the paradox of choice in the Age of Tinder, why a canoe is the best place to test your long-term compatibility, and other research-based insights and advice for modern dating and relationships. There's a point where the investment they've put in becomes the measurement, not what your friends think and he had crossed that threshold. I EARNESTLY BELIEVE that Dan is the absolute wrong person to ask because of his heavy face injury on the right side he will not even succeed if he dates 25.000 women with each date 4-5 hours. This is a good example of how political correctness gets in the way of telling facts or discussing research.

You know, we were not particularly a social bunch, you know, he was basically stuck. So I start looking by registering myself and looking at other people and then I said, let me ask some of my friends to enroll.

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