Cute dating website usernames

Generate name ideas, get name suggestions, hold username contests.

Every dating site requires you to have a username to distinguish you from all the other daters on the site. NEW for 2015: Click Here for 50 Advanced Dating Username Examples that Women Find Irresistible. Just take a look on any dating website for yourself and you'll see. Just look at this guy – Lover Boy69 – he's cute but that name… A dating site moderator offers tips for finding love online. L here and ready to bring you the scoop from the internet dating websites. I may be , but I’m as immature and judgmental as ever.

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Which is why I’d like to use our time today to judge fellow online daters on one thing: their usernames.

James Needham III- So you know how I just said it’s really dumb to use your first and last name? And to those people I say, “I hope you are not going on a job interview any time soon.” Notlookingforsluts- Oh hello, nice guy of Okcupid!

Although your username alone might not get you to meet the man or the woman of your dreams, having a catchy username for your dating profile that says that you are not just another boring, average Joe, or a female version thereof, is a good idea.

Here are a three, simple practical tips on how to choose an intriguing username and just as importantly – how to make sure your username doesn’t make your profile less attractive: 1.

Make Sure That Your Profile Username Doesn’t Reduce You to a Certain Interest or Hobby I am not a fan of usernames that suggest that all there is to you is a certain hobby or a certain interest that you like to engage.

This is why I would suggest that you avoid such usernames as “NYCrunner” or “photographyjunkie” or “scubadiver75”, or “mathteacher101”.

Come back and visit use whenever you need a new username.

L here and ready to bring you the scoop from the internet dating websites. I may be one year older as of a few days ago, but I’m as immature and judgmental as ever.

There is enough material here to run a daily tumbler for eternity.

My goal is to make creative, catchy and cool nicknames to use online and in real life. You can use adjectives with either cool, sweet or badass meanings.

This makes is all the easier for them to start talking to you.


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