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Granderson hit a go-ahead bomb in the seventh inning to push the Yanks past the Detroit Tigers yesterday. You, too, can develop home-run-hitting prowess by performing lower-body strength and core stability exercises.

This formula helped Granderson club 20 home runs in four consecutive seasons, dating back to his time with the Detroit Tigers. Tigers strength coach and long-time Granderson confidant Javair Gillett prescribes three exercise complexes for building strength and explosiveness in the key power areas.

After averaging 24 homers per season from 2006-10, Granderson exploded with a 41-homer campaign in his second season with the Yankees. While many will point to Yankee Stadium as the reason for his surge in power, it wasn't all the ballpark.

Granderson belted 47 homers at Yankee Stadium in 2011-12 but still went deep 37 times on the road.

After missing about two-thirds of the season, Granderson will hit the open market as a free agent.

Strengths/Pros The first thing that comes to mind with Granderson is power.

Take a crack at the following time-efficient complexes, which Gillett says are great for in-season training.

Perform in circuit fashion, with a one-minute rest.

X-rays would reveal a fractured forearm that wound up causing the Grandy Man to sit out the first six weeks of the year.

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