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Initally the band was a solo project started by Ethan Kath in December 2003.

Ethan later discovered Alice Glass singing in a noise-punk band, and thought he had found the "missing ingredient" to his music.

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I've heard this remix a while ago and it's been about two years since I've heard this remix album.

In an interview, Alice was asked: Q: "What’s the lyric you’re happiest about? It’s a song about using the bodies of people in taxidermy.

They are known for their melancholic lo-fi sound and their explosive live shows.

Their debut album was included in NME's "Top 50 Albums of the Decade".

In 2004 Ethan gave Alice 60 instrumental tracks and in April 2005 she recorded vocals over five instrumentals.

The band's first single Alice Practice was actually a microphone test by Glass.

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