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Open str File Name, Update Links:=False, Read Only:=True Set data WB = Active Workbook Range(str Copy Range). We open the data workbook by using the Application. Next we select the data that has been assigned to the copy range and copy to the clipboard.

Inside our loop are the 4 variables which are assigned the 1) File name, 2) Copy Range, 3) Where To Copy and 4) Which Column contains the starting cell to paste data. Once we have our first data workbook open, we assign this to the data WB variable so that we can easily switch between the two workbooks and close them when the operation has been completed.

I have a shared workbook that I created with 8 different worksheets that all have the same format.

Combine all entries or join unique data only, skipping duplications and empty cells.

Choose a different delimiter for each column you want to merge..

The Consolidation Assistant add-in for Microsoft Excel is designed to help you consolidate data from multiple workbooks or from multiple worksheets.

It is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, and Office 365.

Maybe you just need all the rows from each spreadsheet into one, consolidated, workbook.

Or maybe your needs are more complex and you need to merge spreadsheets that have different formats, de-duplicating rows as you go.

You can place data from several cells into one cell or combine several cells keeping all their values..

Read more Download Merge data from duplicate rows into one based on the selected key columns in Excel 2016-2007.

The first thing to work out is what type of merge you want to do.

What you need from a merge can vary from situation to situation.

Sub Get Data() Dim str Where To Copy As String, str Start Cell Col Name As String Dim str List Sheet As Stringstr List Sheet = “List” On Error Go To Err H Sheets(str List Sheet). Select ‘this is the main loop, we will open the files one by one and copy their data into the masterdata sheet Set current WB = Active Workbook Do While Active Cell. If you want to learn how to develop applications like these and more, please consider joining our VBA Classes.


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