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See the i Tunes Store Terms of Service for additional information.

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The fine specifics of how to consolidate your i Tunes library may vary slightly depending on which operating system and version of i Tunes you’re running, but variances from the directions given below should be slight.

Your i Tunes library files track the media you add to i Tunes, how you've organized it, and other information such as playlists.

I generally keep all of my music files is a single folder on my laptop. Can I consolidate a single artist (who has several folders) into a single folder, for instance create one master Elvis Costello folder? In other words, eliminate all of i Tunes sub folders, Currently my structure is "Music - i Tunes - i Tunes Media - Music" and I would like a single Music folder containing artist sub folders 4.

So when I installed MC, the Library added all of the music from my i Tunes folder. I have about 88,000 songs and most of the artists have played with different back up bands. If I consolidate and move these folders, is MC capable of easily identifying the new folders in the reconfigured Library? a master folder and inside of that folder lies the folders for each artist and inside each artist folder is a folder named for Year and the must decide how to handle artists such as Elvis Costello and the attractions, confederates...of this can be handled by the "tags"..Elvis Costello folder looks like this...1977 My Aim Is True...the way to.... 2013 Wise Up Ghost and Other Songs.....any albums in between that may be with the attractions or confederates will show up in MC as such, as long as the "tags" are correct...before you begin read the wiki section about tags...your ready to make your changes (you will get many telling you to use MC rename copy and move) but i find it don't move all types of files nor will it delete the folder so i do this in windows.

Whether you have them organized in multiple folders in several locations or if you simply have a folder for music and videos, the files themselves are not located in the same folder.

Because of this, as you play audio or video through i Tunes, each file you choose (or your computer chooses if you are shuffling) will have to have i Tunes locate the file through its library to the location of the file wherever it is stored.

Your i Tunes library is a database that i Tunes uses to organize your media.

It's made up of all of the music and other content that you add to i Tunes.

If you choose to consolidate your i Tunes library, the result will be that you will create copies of all of the files in your library into a single folder (usually "i Tunes music") on the hard drive of the computer from which you are running i Tunes.

It leaves the file in its original location as well.

There are a number of options for how you can organize your library. When you install i Tunes, you will have the option to add music and video files from your computer or network to i Tunes.

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