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Today, Goodman, a global leading owner, developer and manager of logistics real estate, together with its customer, leading international fashion company Esprit, celebrated the inauguration of an 80,000 sqmlogistics centre in Mönchengladbach, Germany.Goodman developed the new facility as an expansion of the existing 53,000 sqm property occupied by Esprit and operated by the Fiege Group.The team is coordinating the information flow between the flight line and the operations cell, and is dealing with cross-maintenance activities.

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Since then, Kela's operations have been expanded, diversified and modernized.

From a pension insurance institution, Kela has evolved into an institution offering social protection for all.

The ELA expands GIS software deployment at the EUSC, giving the staff access to the newest generation of geospatial capabilities and services from ESRI España.

Through the ELA, the EUSC will receive streamlined access to software, consulting services, and training, thereby saving time and reducing and consolidating costs.

This objective is well served by the expansion of the spaces in the logistics centre in Mönchengladbach.

After extension, the logistics centre now has a total area of 133,000 sqm with special equipment and design features including 24,000 sqm mezzanine space, four cargo lifts and 80 loading gates.The premiums paid by the insured were deposited in an interest-bearing individual account with Kela. 1963 Citizens are issued with a personal social security code and a health insurance card.A certificate from the civil registry (as proof of identity) is no longer required to accompany applications for pension.The objective is to improve multinational cooperation and enhance interoperability in the maintenance area.This year the MOC is composed of EATC experts working with five maintenance representatives from the different participating nations – Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom and for the first time Poland – and the host nation, Portugal.Kela is now a provider of cradle-to-grave social protection.


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