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Hands of many different shades of color blend as people saunter the streets of New York.It is a melting pot of the world where people, rarely if ever, experience glares or despairing comments because the hand they are holding belongs to a different race.The term — “Conscious Blacks” — does not mean one black person is intellectually or morally superior to another.

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New York City has the reputation of being an international hub of the world.

Walk down the streets of New York City and you can see: Indian hands holding African-American hands, Caucasian hands holding Indian hands, Oriental hands holding African-American hands.

Contents: History (10 segments, 41 min.) -- Cultural identity (14 segments, 46 min.) -- Family dynamics (8 segments, 24 min.) -- National ethnic identity (9 segments, 27 min.) -- Mix race perspectives (5 segments, 19 min.) -- Storytime (5 segments, 14 min.) 2005. Most of the Amerasians portrayed in the film have moved to the United States under the Amerasian homecoming act of 1987, which permitted the children of American soldiers to immigrate to the United States with their immediate relatives.

DVD X102 This documentary film consists of interviews in Vietnam and the U. They talk of the discrimination they experienced growing up in Vietnam, issues of identity and their struggles to adapt to American society.

Whenever I post pictures of my family on social media, the responses are always fun. I don’t think anyone should be shocked or disappointed by interracial marriages, but I still wanted to talk about why I married outside my “race.

” But one of the other common responses is, “Is your wife white? This is irrelevant to some, but shocking or even disappointing to others.

Biological warfare in the form of STDs and sexual epidemics by having sex with Europeans. Social stratification by the elevation of the mulatto (half-white/ half-black), which led to conflict and division among the native populations.

Through this use of sexual manipulation by Europeans, entire non-white societies were destroyed, because the family was the extension of the nation and all that it stood for.

“The melting pot of the races began around the northern perimeter.

The end result was always the same: The Blacks were pushed to the bottom of the social, economic, and political ladder whenever the Asians (meaning whites) and their mulatto offspring gained control. Reason #2: Interracial Sex Destroys The Bond Between The Black Male And Black Female Since black males are more likely than black females to date and marry whites, black males are more likely to break the traditional covenant between the male and female of EVERY ethnic group.

For hundreds of years, interracial sex has been used by Europeans against non-whites to divide and conquer non-white nations; to dilute (destroy) their genetics, culture, and heritage, and to introduce mulatto “advocates” that will be white-identified and bred to serve the needs and the whims of the white supremacists.

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