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My perspective encourages men to be active and assertive.

In fact, it is my opinion (and one of the principles of my approach) that all individuals are entitled to be assertive about their needs, wants, and desires.

I’m surprised, and I probably shouldn’t be, how men’s confidence is really shattered.

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Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor One of my fellow PT bloggers, Dr.

Kaufman, recently wrote an article about "what shy, geeky, nice guys can learn from the Rebecca Watson incident".

That needs to be repaired by them taking chances and not being afraid.

They have to get outside of their comfort zone, not be afraid of rejection and go for it.

“The kind of confidence we’re talking about really comes down to feeling good about your appearance and attractiveness,” says Craig Malkin, Ph. “Men and women both prefer a confident date, for a number of reasons.” For one, confident folks are natural salespeople.

Research shows that confidence makes us seem more trustworthy—and when you’re out on the meat market, selling how great you are, confidence makes people accept your pitch.In an initial attempt to address this confusion, Dr.Kaufman wrote his article and provided some points for men. However, upon further reflection, I decided my personal advice differs a bit from his thoughts.A real man claims his masculinity from action and assertiveness.Build your life as a solid man and your results with women will become just as compelling.On the flip side, the women need to know that not every man that approaches you is going to hurt you. It really is about both sides learning to let their guard down, keep moving forward, keep dating and keep trying.

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