Common dating mistakes made by women

They get hung up on the way dating used to be and the places they once went to meet someone, but those techniques and places don't work anymore, and they are left wondering what they are doing wrong.

Marie Claire, a monthly publication that addresses every area of a modern woman's life, says that dating in your 30's is difficult in part because by that point you have been through so much.

As a marriage matures both partners’ needs and wants change but how often do couples reconsider exactly what it is they want from each other and discuss this?

Marriages naturally go through all sorts of changes: • one of you may increase or reduce your working hours. • you may need to start incorporating caring responsibilities for older family members into your schedule.

If any change is needed for a temporary or longer term issue then chat this through with your spouse and encourage him to do the same with you.

Clearly communicating your evolving needs and working together to resolve family issues will preserve your marriage.

Count to 10 in your head before speaking again and give your date a chance to jump in -- 99 percent of the time, a man will continue talking if you don't interrupt him. Texting, calling, Facebooking and tweeting too often in hopes of being witty and staying on his mind. Create some for him to miss you and in the mean time, get on with your life.

We’ve all been there: You meet a great guy and decide to go out on a date.• perhaps your financial situation has changed • you may have a family issue that needs time and effort to resolve (, health or behavioral issue) Whatever has changed in your life try not to forget that any change in your own or any member of your family’s circumstances can easily impact on your marriage.Poor Communication: Our tongues get tied when it comes to other important romance issues as well.Many of us don’t know how to talk about what we want from a relationship: some 20-somethings will carry on a casual affair in silence because they don’t feel empowered enough to say, “This isn’t what I wanted,” while others will just blurt out “I was thinking if we got married, we could do it at my grandmother’s church,” on a third date.The more you learn from me, the more skilled you become at attracting women when you meet them and then deepening their love, respect and attraction in a relationship. Instead of trying hard to be “liked” when you meet women, they feel naturally attracted to you and they want to be with you.


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