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The task was complicated by the multilingual nature of Community legislation, which led to the need for all texts to be translated into 9 new official languages from May 2004 and 3 further new languages from January 2007.

In the annual report for 2009 the Commission mentioned a total of 220 codifications replacing 1090 acts and saving 2000 pages in the Official Journal. A similar project unifies laws into a single text - i.e.

That new act must pass through all the stages of the legislative process, although an accelerated procedure has been agreed by the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission.

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He says that there is no difference in between them.

For him, the language used in the statute is very much important rather than classifying into codifying statutes and consolidating statutes.

The first permanent system of codified laws could be found in China, with the compilation of the Tang Code in AD 624.

This formed the basis of the Chinese criminal code, which was then replaced by the Great Qing Legal Code, which was in turn abolished in 1912 following the Xinhai Revolution and the establishment of the Republic of China.

The new act passes through the full legislative process and replaces the acts being codified.

There are two types of codification: Codification takes as its starting point the consolidated texts produced by the Publications Office.Those texts assemble the articles of an original act and the amendments in a single non-official document intended for use only as a documentation tool.On the basis of that text a complete new act is prepared combining the original act and the successive amendments without any further substantive changes.An example of a consolidating statute is the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992.Codification is the process of bringing together a legislative act and all its amendments in a single new act.Its purpose is to state their combined effect and so simplify the presentation of the law.

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