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A man rests after treatment in a makeshift rebel hospital in the district of Salahudin in Aleppo, Syria, on July 28, 2012.

Some hospitals in rebel-held areas have begun using telemedicine to treat patients in intensive care units after many doctors and specialists fled the fighting.

Scott Peterson/The Christian Science Monitor/Getty Images At a handful of intensive care units in rebel-held Syria, where doctors, medicine, and daily essentials are in short supply, telemedicine is saving lives.

Remote-operated webcams allow doctors working in the safety of countries like the United States to assess the best course of action for critical patients in Syria, now in its fourth year of conflict.

They then relay their instructions to medical workers in the field.

“Before the era of telemedicine so many patients died because of the deficiency in the treatment and lack of experience,” says Dr.So I got to thinking, why can't online groups do the same? I dare every pastor reading this to go out and start some online small groups!There are several free websites and applications out there that can be used to facilitate online groups. I even challenge every small-group leader to try and have your physical group meet online a couple of times just for the experience.The Scary Truth “The bad guy’s not just at the bus stop anymore.He has entrance right into your kid’s bedroom and hand-held cellphone device.” Sexual predators can target your children even when your child is in the room down the hall. Cyber-bullying and exposures to sexually inappropriate content are additional concerns.The technology for online groups exists and is free, so what's holding you back?


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