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Lea was born as Leandro but underwent male-to-female transformation in 2012 in Thailand. In 2012 Lana received the Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award.

Cayne was born as a set of fraternal twins and didn’t even know what a transsexual was until well after high school, when she had moved to New York to perform as a drag performer in gay bars.

Lauren joined the top rated show in the Fall of 2005 as NCIS Director Jenny Shepard who is a former flame of Jethro Gibbs and now his boss.

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Dialogue was included about her new hairstyle and whether or not Jethro Gibbs, the former love, had noticed her spiky new hair style.

Being an avid short hair style watcher, I was riveted by the way Lauren's hair transformation from below the shoulder to super short and choppy, was part of the show's plot lines.

The amount of humiliation he inflicts on his on again girlfriend is beyond belief.

There are many reasons why hair consumers want to change their natural hair color.

Arquette allowed her transition from male to female to be documented in the film, “Alexis Arquette: She’s My Brother.”Carrera became famous after appearing on “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” as a male, but not long after she made the transition to female.

Once living as a gay man, Carrera had a long domestic partnership with Adrien Torres but after her transition they broke up.King was the first transgender contestant to appear on “America’s Next Top Model” and even went on to compete in the all-star edition.King was born as a male and in high school came out as gay.In some cases, hair is highlighted and low-lighted in the same dimensional color process. For example, a blonde with a natural dark sandy base might be highlighted with light buttery blonde highlights, low-lighted with complementary caramels and punched up with a few strands of cherry or ruby red. When just a very subtle highlight, lowlight or color change is desired it is referred to by some hair color experts as twilights.Rumor has it that the producers of TV's hot Navy crime drama, NCIS, wanted Lauren Holly as part of her job requirement for her current role to crop her shoulder length lush red strands into a short hair style.Jul 3, 2017Enty This one named A- list foreign born singer begged the guy she has been seeing the past couple of weeks while on tour to not post a photo of them together to social media even…

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