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RJMetrics used Chatroulette Map, a site that, as the name indicates, shows where people are surfing to Chatroulette, to analyze a representative sample of 2,883 conversations.

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Here are some interesting facts from the NY Times piece: I think we'll reach out to Andrey and offer him a visit to NYC.

I'm still not sure if this is something we should invest it, but I'd sure like to meet this guy.

I need to start by thanking my co-worker for suggesting this story's headline. "So basically you're saying you want me to act as — what would you call it — bait? (And, though I didn't admit it at the time, maybe a tad concerned that users just might click past me, too.

"I was hoping you'd, um, help with the story," he said. As soon as they see me, they'll click, 'Next.'" OK, he did have a point there.

I signed on easily and before long was staring at a green, unappealing interface.

The service accesses your webcam, so your picture immediately fills the left side of the screen.

I'm not as young as I used to be.) "Well, that's not how I'd put it," he said, "but ..." He pointed out I could write a story called: "Why I'll never go on Chatroulette again." Then, he threw in a promise that he'd take me along the next time he got a media invite to Ted Haggard's house. I said, "Yes." I guess I have a soft spot for perverts.

*** I don't like to back out of my agreements, but I'll admit that when Bill shows up at my house on Saturday night, it takes me two very tall glasses of boxed Chablis to stick to this one.

To get started you simply visit, sign into Facebook and authorize Airtime to see your Facebook contacts, likes, subscriptions, and so on.

Airtime uses that information to connect you with like-minded people — or at least those who share a least one of your interests (an "interest" can be defined as something about you, like your birth date or where you work or went to school — as long as you've made those details visible on Facebook).

On the far right is a list of Facebook contacts and next to that is the option to narrow who you want to meet by location (near where Airtime thinks you are — it inaccurately placed me in Brooklyn), Common Interests, and Friends of Friends.


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