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Francis Maiava receiving his award for top student in the Master of International Security programme from Carolyn Tremain (chief executive and Comptroller for the New Zealand Customs Service) and Professor Rouben Azizian.His research – which he has presented to two high-ranking Thai police superintendents – was driven by an awareness of the potential for community policing and the hope it could make a difference to the safety of migrant communities in Thailand.

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State news organ KCNA said the number of foreign visitors to the North has grown since 2000 and has surged after 2009, citing a spike in European visitors but offering no statistics.

It examines various international, national and regional anti-trafficking laws and proposes innovative approaches – such as community policing – as a key tool to combat human trafficking.

Mr Maiava, who focussed mainly on the plight of Burmese women, was awarded the Strategic Advisory Board Prize for Top Student in the Master of International Security programme at a conference hosted by Massey’s Centre for Defence and Security Studies at its Auckland campus.

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