Chat lines just for bi sexuals

The actress, who is married to Essex-born co-star Stephen Moyer, deftly navigated her way through her 25-minute appearance on , despite the chat show host’s seeming ignorance about bisexuality.

piece—and bi activists—for insufficiently defining bisexuality as an “identity,” and for leaving the impression that it’s largely “something you simply do” rather than someone you are. But from this simplistic understanding, sloppy stereotypes too easily emerge: Bisexuals must desire both genders equally or they’re not really bi; and if they desire both genders equally, they’ll never be satisfied with monogamy, because they must sleep with someone of each gender consistently to be identifying as bi. Faith is another source of enduring identity, and many religions have their own internal debate about this.

If this is true, bisexual erasure is to be expected. Openness to both genders gets redefined as This is silly. Some people don’t consider you a Christian if you don’t, as an act of will, believe in Jesus. I’m also bisexual, no matter what I do—and I don’t have to renew my bi card by sleeping with a woman every 10 years.

These kinds of things may sway who you partner with, despite your same-sex attraction. Mc Clintock about her findings and what women will find most helpful.“Sexual identity is not something that people naturally and inevitably possess, and the categories used to classify sexual identity are equally socially constructed.”Whatever you label yourself as (lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, sexually fluid, etc.), you weren’t born with an assignment. “Does a bisexual woman have to self-identify as bisexual or does she have to be attracted to both men and women? Even the refusal of one is affected by things outside of yourself.“The thing is, though, once we’ve created these social constructs—and race is another really good example—they’re kind of arbitrary, but because we all believe in them and we all adopt them, and even saying you’re unlabeled—that’s an identity,” Dr. “It’s acknowledging that sexuality regime, even if you resist it.

While sexuality is biological, the sexual identity you have is made up of external factors, and that’s why it can change over time.“What does it mean to be a bisexual woman, right? It’s hard to get away from it.”“Because women report attraction to both genders at higher rates than do men, social context and romantic opportunity (e.g., the chance of a satisfactory heterosexual marriage) would have a larger effect on women’s than men’s sexual identity. Mc Clintock found that over six years of interviews, the women were three times more likely to “alter their sexual identity.” And the most common shift in sexuality is moving toward bisexuality, no matter if they were 100 percent homosexual or 100 percent heterosexual before.

Special Section: Automotive As an openly gay man, Fred Hoffman said, "I really didn't know if there would be an issue." And while he wasn't waving rainbow flags when he was recruited by Chrysler in 1988, he was told being gay wasn't a problem.

, for keeping a straight face when confronted with a frankly ridiculous line of questioning about her sexuality during an interview with Larry King.

There’s something about bisexuality that seems to lend itself to erasure, and not just by an oppressor class but by bisexuals themselves.

I think some of the reason is contained in the bright-line distinction mentioned above: Our culture is so infused with assumptions of heterosexuality that crossing that line—between heterosexuality and everything else—becomes a far more meaningful act for many LGB people than where, exactly, we land on the other side.

Most Americans have gay or lesbian friends and associates, but many fewer seem to have bisexual ones that they know of, despite their statistical ubiquity among LGB people. There is a widespread belief that those who identify as bi are either in a transitional stage or are lying (to themselves or others)—trying to savor the status of straightitude while enjoying the pleasures of gaydom.


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